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Tyler Rodan White Shoulder Bag ~ New

New with tags. Huge amounts of room and storage come with this beautiful bag! Two push lock pockets in front, zipper pockets front and back, drop zipper pockets on the sides, and that's just the outside. All of these come in a fresh clean man made pleather. The 2 straps are wide with an approx. 9" drop. Very generously sized at 17x13x6. The inside fabric is a pretty blend of fall colors resembling leaves. Inside there is a center zipper pocket, the side compartments are big, each with pouches or zipper pockets. ~~~~There's a matching umbrella! Even it has it's own pocket.~~~~ Silver logo key chain? Why not.

So if you need a bag for all of life's necessities, or if you are just really into zipper pockets, this is the bag for you.

Price $35.00